How To Empower Yourself In The Job Search

You are an academic, you are a job seeker and you are currently also suffering from a difficult situation with coronavirus, shutdown, repatriations, and layoffs? You may think that if it was hard before, is it almost impossible now?

You may be wondering:

How can I keep my motivation as a jobseeker? How can I apply for a job and be considered for an interview? Are there companies that hire new employees during the #covid-19 crisis? How can I make myself and my CV more attractive? Why should my future employer hire me? What can I bring to my future workplace?

Take courage. You are needed, and you need to keep your spirits up.

With a desire to help, I’ve been wondering, how I can share with you what I know. Therefore, I choose to share some of my experiences as both a stress coach and a career advisor. (Flowed by 4 live events on Facebook)

In my “1 hour” webinar, I will talk about the following topics:

⭐Mental training and empowerment
⭐A winner CV and application
⭐Unsolicited application, Social media
⭐Being a winner during the Interview
Looking forward meeting you
Besr wishes
Mozhgan Gerayeli😊❤️😊❤️

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