Referencer & Udtalelser

Henrik Elbæk Pedersen/CEO at Danisense A/S
Mozhgan is a very competent in the work she performed at GN Netcom. I was very inspired by the way she analyzed issues/challenges and came up with well thought through approaches towards a resolution. Mozhgan has a good ability to maneuver in larger organizations. Mozhgan is an energy provider in projects.

Peter Nielsen/General Sales Manager, Americas & VP Borealis Compounds Inc. at Borealis
Mozhgan played an important role in developing the test department at GN Netcom and her work has led to an increased focus on this area.

Sune Sloth Simonsen/JavaScript Developer at
Mozhgan Gerayeli became my manager while working as an external consultant at SDC Udvikling A/S. Mozhgan came with a fresh breath of new ideas on how to approach our daily work to make it more fun and social. Activities like “bug hunt” – a competition where we tried to close as many bugs as possible in tree days – was really productive and fun. I had a great time working under Mozhgan and I highly recommend her as a people manager.

Xiaodong Shen/Search Consultant at Findwise AB
Mozhgan is a very capable and passionate leader who possess excellent communication and management skills in big organization. She listens to people’s voices, motivates people’s work and cares about people’s needs. I am very glad in the period working with Mozhgan, who I felt like a friend in stead of a boss. I strongly recommend her as a department manager.

Torben Ponsaing/Department manager at SDC A/S
Mozhgan is a very dedicated leader. She handles both the strategic and personal leadership in a perfect balance so a organically growth and company results are achieved. Mozhgan practice both respectfully and result oriented leadership.

Pierre Ørndorf/Founder and owner at Copenhagen IT Consult A/S
I have had the privilege to work with Mozhgan Gerayeli for about a year now. She is strongly committed to deliver realistic solutions that solve problems in a holistic manner. I can give her my best recommendation.

Steffen Rugtved/Delivery Manager at Team Online A/S
During my time working together with Mozhgan, I have come to know and appreciate her enthusiasm, straightforwardness and commitment to the task at hand. There’s seldom a dull moment working with Mozhgan.

Brendan Reinicke
Mozhgan brought the Product Assurance function to a new level, at a time of great transition. She devised and implemented key initiatives including; the software-hardware compatibility testing environment, as well as the internal user testing process, which contributed significantly to improving product reliability. Mozhgan is a dedicated and reliable person; she knows how to build a great team that brings excellent results on time. I definitely recommend Mozhgan as an experienced manager with high standards. Mozhgan is well respected by her colleagues for her professionalism and great personality.

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