“Not” ready job seekers

“Anden Aktør” for “not” ready job seekers

The experience that Mozhi Consulting has gained through our successful work on integrating refugees / immigrants / newcomers and Danes in regular jobs can also be used with advantage for part of the group of non-ready-jobseekers. Although it may not be cultural challenges that classify the unemployed as a non-ready-jobseeker partner, we have experienced that the same methods can restore the necessary confidence that clients need to work after a session with us.

We do not claim that we can get all non-ready- jobseekers ready for a regular job or wage subsidy job, but we know how important it is to actively build the necessary confidence in clients – and if a non-ready jobseekers has a desire for being self-sufficient, we can achieve good results by changing their status from non-ready to maybe a few hours shift work weekly, a subsidized job, until they are ready for an ordinary job.

Our well-proven methods can be used to help the client to make a competence list, a job list and we will work on the client’s way of “selling him/herself” and lifting the client’s confidence by coaching / therapy in parallel with the job-search process.

Contact me to have an informal meeting with us and hear more about the possibility that Mozhi Consulting operates as your career coach instead of the Jobcenter.
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