Stress Management for your Organization

Prevention rather than healing
Stress is unfortunately a public health disorder and can have a very negative impact on a company’s efficiency and financial performance and on employees’ overall well-being. It costs on several fronts when an employee is sick due to stress. It also means that active efforts to reduce the causes can be beneficial to employee satisfaction, efficiency and profits – and on the bottom line of the company.

On the basis of own experiences and others’, and courses and knowledge on the subject, I have developed an effective course that can be used with great benefit. We thus offer both courses for the individual as well as courses for the entire company.

Reduction of sick leave
Illness is part of life – we can all be affected and the flu is like the seasons: it’s coming again. When a company has an average sick leave that is too high. – either by some employees or in general – it is a problem and a cost factor. Therefore, it is important to discover how and why sickness absence occurs – and there are great benefits to working with us on the task. We analyze the causes and can help to reduce the problem in an appropriate and respectful manner.
It can be a great advantage that we come as an impartial party – especially if sickness absence appears to be due to stress or inappropriate working methods or management. We ensure that reasons for sickness absence are clarified – then you can act on it.

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