Personal development

Are you new in Denmark? Do you need an english speaker therapist or coach? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Are you stressed? Does everything seem to be impossible? Have you lost your perspective? Do you have difficulty saying “No”? Does everything look unimaginable? Are you still stuck in something that happened many years back? Do you have any inappropriate habits you would like to get rid of? Do big or small achievements in your past no longer give you a sense of pride?

We make a difference and can support you in seeing new opportunities and creating a positive change.

At our first initial conversation we identify a solution that suits you and we make a plan together.

Mozhi Consulting initially started focusing on self-development and therapy, and these remain part of our core competencies. We work with private individuals and companies – and offer a variety of services. For example: Stress Management, Personal Coaching & Development, Personal Efficiency, Vision Board, Lifeline Walking, Personal Goals, Lifecycle, Team Building, Therapy, and Mindfulness.

Mozhi Consulting is a member of the ICC (International Coach Communities) and works according to the ICC’s Code of Conduct. It is your guarantee of professional, serious and effective self-development, coaching and therapy.

You are also welcome to contact us to arrange a meeting with us when you are ready to start your self-development.
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