History of Mozhi Consulting

The first steps were taken in 2012 – as a personal part-time company focusing on Stress Management, Personal Development and Coaching.

I offered the unemployed, companies, and employees coaching, lectures and guidance, with emphasis on better stress management. In addition, career counseling was offered as a natural part of the coaching activities.

One day in 2015 a woman from Iran visited me who asked if the company could help her to get a job in Denmark. It was the start of rapid development and growth. Cultural insight and job advising has since been one of our most important core services.

First, I focused on job placement for primary foreigners, since my own background, as an immigrant in Denmark, has given me an understanding of how important it is to get to know the Danish culture.

In addition, the more regular disciplines such as job advising, outplacement and recruitment have come about, as well as a additional integration programs for newcomers.

Now Mozhi Consulting is an experienced and top professional player in coaching, career development, stress management, self-development job advice and helping the newcommer to get success with their life in Denmark.

Mozhi Consulting offers solutions for all kinds of people: job seekers, people in jobs, private companies and public companies. We now consist of a professional little team, mother and daughter, and we hope to expand further in the future.