Find the dream job

We work with you as a whole. We do not consider you to be a “work robot” or a task, but rather we see you as a whole person, and find out which job suits you best and makes you most happy and satisfied.

It’s a bigger job than “just putting you in a random job”, but the advantage is that we together achieve far better results.

1. You make a good decision and choose us as your job advisor.
2. We highlight your competencies, your strengths, your personality and your wishes for your future. We put them in a holistic perspective (or, in a more simple way, in a comprehensive picture). It is impossible to overestimate the importance of just this step – because this is where we together find the right way for you. No matter what job package you choose, this is where you sow the seeds that result in your success!
3. We work actively with you to get you in the right job.
4. Through our joint efforts, we get you in work.

A few examples of how we work actively:
Competency list: We work holistically with you, in addition to revealing your professional skills; we uncover your personal skills. We give a personal test to you, using the JTI tool.

Job interviews: We uncover the opportunity to actively prepare a job interview with you – and we will train you specifically to succeed in a specific job interview.

Contact with employers: We work actively with you to contact the individual employers you have chosen to get you in a specific job.

The choice is always yours. If you want to avoid major financial losses, avoid the stress and depression that comes with unemployment and get into the desired job as soon as possible, please contact us.

You are also welcome to contact us to arrange a meeting when you are ready to start your career search.

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