Hundreds highskilled in jobs within their feild of study

We can safely say that no one else – public or private actor – is so actively involved in getting the clients in the right job.
The jobseeker become a job chooser.

One important reason why Mozhi Consulting has such great results is, among other things, that we first work on the mindset while we have focus on the practical things, like the wining CV and cover letter. A searchable LinkedIn, networking, and lots of unsolicited applications. We assist the job chooser actively throughout the job search process, and we do not leave them until they have received jobs within their field of study.

We are especially good at getting foreigners with higher education and long-term unemployed highskilled in jobs that match their skills. Unfortunately, many highly educated people end up being a paperboy, pizza bakers, and cleaning assistants. It is a waste of the skilled labor that the Danish society lacks. We do not find out that a Ph.D. candidate will be a paperboy – we will get him or her a relevant job that matches both their skills and their dreams. It is not just an acceptable solution, but the best solution for our society.

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