I help highly educated job seekers to make a clear strategy on their job search, so they can focus on finding their dream job, without getting distracted by receiving all the rejection.

I AM YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE COACH - Because I believe that, you can achieve anything in life if you have the confidence to do so. I am an expert at bringing out the confidence in my clients that they once had. I believe that all people have talent - they just have to have the right framework. I create the right framework for the customer to find his/hers talent.

I believe that for people to evolve, it requires both a meaningful dialogue and curious responsiveness so that they are able to move themselves. I therefore find that the most important thing is to respect and understand as much as possible of the individual person or the individual organization / company I cooperate with.

I offer individual job placement, coaching and stress management courses in order to get, among other things, the long-term unemployed and stressed academics into the right jobs.

Since 2015 I have:

  • Completed several thousands hours of career coaching and personal coaching.
  • Helped several hundreds people to find jobs within their field of study.
  • Held several hundreds workshops and lectures
  • Received 2 awards, Søstersind award and Agnes & Betzy award
  • Nominated for the Business Award 2019, Årets Optimister award 2022 and Diversity award 2022

I use different methods, introductory meeting, competency clarification, personality test, lectures, workshop, team building, CV, application, LinkedIn, interview training and lots of mental training.

I am educated a software engineer and a leader, and have worked as a department manager in a number of large companies. All jobs have required great insight into personnel management, employee motivation, development of competencies and targeted management.

Let me move you closer to your dream.