Mozhgan and Yalda

I am Mozhgan, a founder and partner. I was initially educated as a software engineer and I’ve primarily worked with project and people management in a number of large companies. All these jobs have required insight into staff management, employee motivation, skills development and targeted management.

Therefore, I have also completed a large number of courses and further training in leadership.

In addition to my professional qualifications, I have taken a great interest in self-development, coaching and therapy during my career. That’s why I’m a trained ICC Certified Coach, NLP Master, Hypnosis Master, Coach Academy Master Coach, Dietician, Trained Stress Manager and Mindfulness Instructor.

My background, with practical experience on the basis of comprehensive broad education, enables me to help both individuals and businesses to achieve their desired goals.

I find that the most important thing is to respect and understand the individual or organization / company that I work for. If there is room for improvement, it requires both meaningful dialogue and engagement so that people and organizations can identify and work towards the change they desire.

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I’m Yalda, Mozhgan’s daughter and partner. I am a trained NLP Master, Hypnosis Master, Stress Managemer and Mindfulness Instructor.

In addition, I have extensive experience with Sales & Marketing. Therefore, in addition to my daily work, I support the company’s customers.

I’m a substitute when Mozhgan is out of the office.

I have experience from companies like 3, Telenor, XeroxPartners & Provisionmedia. I have been praised for my passion, my communicative skills, and my listening abilities.

I have great respect for my work and take pride in assisting you as a customer. The goal is always to provide the best service we can offer. As a coach I work with the whole person and you will be constructively challenged by me. I ask critical questions and maybe you will find that your subconscious finds the answer to what you cannot answer immediately.

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