The Difficult Job and Integration Progress

Everyone knows how easy or difficult it is to integrate refugees / immigrants / newcomers.

We have ourselves experienced the cultural clash that is one of the challenges that refugees / immigrants / newcomers face and understand how they can lose courage in making proper efforts to become self-sufficient. We have the necessary coaching / therapeutic tools to help refugees / immigrants / newcomers to get their self confidence and courage back. It is a necessity to become a productive citizen in our society. We use our knowledge to teach what Danish society expects of the individual, and not least what a company expects from its employees.

As we understand the cultural differences and cultural backgrounds that many refugees / immigrants / newcomers bring along, we can remedy the “misinformation” that prevents many from being adequately integrated.

We use a holistic and cultural open vision (a full picture, if you will) to create the conditions for refugees / immigrants / newcomers to become ready for society. By using coaching and self-development, by teaching Danish culture and mentality, we achieve results. We tryy to help the unemployed to move either closer to work or to get to work! To prove our value, we are always ready to take on a test assignment for your Job Center!

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