Anbefalinger på vores Lifeline coaching og visionboard

Anbefalinger på vores Lifeline coaching og visionboard

Emma Cardona Roca-Pharmacist & Student at MSc in Human Nutrition (KU)
I was very lucky to meet Mozhgan Gerayeli some months ago after receiving a “Vision Board” session as a gift. Mozhgan is a very professional and helpful coach. She is very subtle at her job and she is always ready to come up with a strategy that can help you find a sense for your thoughts and priorities in your life. It is exactly about priorities what we talked about.

I firstly moved to Copenhagen one year ago to study a MSc degree at UCPH. Being my second time living abroad, but first for such a long period, I have learned a lot by moving out of my comfort zone. Being extremely active and passionate for everything I do, and having a tendency to care a lot about friends and family, I have very easily suffered more than I was supposed to.

However, things have positively changed for me since I met Mozhgan. During our “Vision Board” session she taught me how to listen to my subconscious and helped me realize where exactly I want to focus on in my life. We went through a long and complete exercise about priorities in life. Mozhgan was crucial and strict in her task since she accompanied me throughout all the process. At the end I had to write down my list of priorities that I kept afterwards.

Some days ago, I just went back to my list and I took a careful look. Now, I just can thank you for a great job Mozhgan, I did realize how much I had changed some of my routines for a better. Now I do listen to myself, and whenever I forget about it, I just come back to your tips.

Thanks for all and good luck. Your task is very valuable and of great impact! I would recommend Mozhgan Gerayeli with no hesitation

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