Anbefalinger på vores Life coaching

Emma Cardona Roca-Pharmacist & Student at MSc in Human Nutrition (KU)
I was very lucky to meet Mozhgan Gerayeli some months ago after receiving a “Vision Board” session as a gift. Mozhgan is a very professional and helpful coach. She is very subtle at her job and she is always ready to come up with a strategy that can help you find a sense for your thoughts and priorities in your life. It is exactly about priorities what we talked about.

I firstly moved to Copenhagen one year ago to study a MSc degree at UCPH. Being my second time living abroad, but first for such a long period, I have learned a lot by moving out of my comfort zone. Being extremely active and passionate for everything I do, and having a tendency to care a lot about friends and family, I have very easily suffered more than I was supposed to.

However, things have positively changed for me since I met Mozhgan. During our “Vision Board” session she taught me how to listen to my subconscious and helped me realize where exactly I want to focus on in my life. We went through a long and complete exercise about priorities in life. Mozhgan was crucial and strict in her task since she accompanied me throughout all the process. At the end I had to write down my list of priorities that I kept afterwards.

Some days ago, I just went back to my list and I took a careful look. Now, I just can thank you for a great job Mozhgan, I did realize how much I had changed some of my routines for a better. Now I do listen to myself, and whenever I forget about it, I just come back to your tips.

Thanks for all and good luck. Your task is very valuable and of great impact! I would recommend Mozhgan Gerayeli with no hesitation

Anne-Marie Hall Henriksen-CEO & Founder at Amazing Hall Marketing & Business Development Healthcare Agency
Jeg havde fornøjelsen af en mindfulness-session med Mozhgan. Jeg har prøvet meget af den slags, men jeg må indrømme at sessionen med Mozhgan glemmer jeg aldrig. Den meditation Mozhgan førte mig igennem blev livstransformerende for mig. Jeg så pludselig min egen styrke, fandt tilbage til den og blev den bedste udgave af mig selv på alle områder. Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale Mozhgan.

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