Anbefalinger om vores arbejde som karrierrådgivere

Anbefalinger om vores arbejde som karrierrådgivere

Parvaneh Hajeb/Scientific Assistant at National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark
Mozhgan is the best coach I ever worked with. I learned a lot from her. She professionally guided and supported me through my challenging job search in Denmark. She is so caring and helpful; a woman full of energy and positive thoughts.

Pedram Massoudi/Civil Engineer and Energy Engineer
I met Mozhgan August 2016. I saw her as a strong lady who stands on her feet in Denmark, with a kind heart that like to share her experiences and help people.

She have done a big job to make my job dream in real; she spent hours to help me in my way; After 2 months in October I went to job interview which It was First and last interview and I got the job. She have done it via professional way in mentoring program, sometimes she became as a Mother to persuade you.

She believes in you and makes you believe yourself and your abilities. I could say she became like an Angel in my life and come forward beside me step by step. I am so happy which I met her and have been in her program, I could recommended MOZHGAN and her program if you need professional help in your life.

At the end I say thank you Mozhgan from bottom of my heart, you will stay in my mind and heart like a shining star and every single days at my new job I send you my best of luck for you

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Abdolreza Rezaeifar, Automation Engineer at Kjærgaard A/S
Yalda is a committed coach and positive in coaching. Her right feedback always helped me in job interviews. Yalda’s guidance can help to newcomers who are not familiar with Danish culture in finding job . I saw the impact on myself and recommend her to guys who are looking for job with all of my heart

Arash Azaryoon – Product Development Engineer at HARDI International A/S
I know Mozhgan for nearly two years. Since I joined her mentoring program, she has been more than a mentor to me. Apart from professional advice and guidance, I have always been inspired by her strong personality. She has always been full of energy, motivation and support.

Not only did she help me find my way to Denmark’s industry, by professional coaching and giving me professional and honest feedback, but also helped me to become more aware of my strong points and the areas that I need to improve in myself, and consequently, to know myself better.

I strongly recommend newcomers to Denmark, who feel having difficulties adapting themselves to Denmark’s society and/or industry, to participate in her program at Mozhi Consulting

Shilan Ahmadi – Project Manager at Siemens
I am new in Denmark, I did not know where to start, what should I do, I had gotten more than 25 interviews but I did not know what was my main consideration, It was not about my technical competencies it was about me and a bit of cultural difference, and it was about me and my soft skills, Mozghan helped me to recover my confident, helped me to be myself but meantime she conducted me to get a deep cultural understanding about how I can contribute more effectively in a Danish company, she believes in her job, she loves that, she has found her manifest of her life purpose, and that is the key successes factor of every one who wants to go further and cross the limitation.

Cordially I recommend her if you want to have peace or more in your life.

Mehdi Narimani, Structural Engineer, BEUMER Group
As a mentor for job searching in Denmark, Yalda helped me a lot in my integration journey to Danish culture. I had been searching for an engineering job in Denmark for almost one year before I joined Mozhi consulting. I was not fluent enough in Danish, so she was there for me to make the company call in every job application. I also had the opportunity to practice Danish language with her.

After 3 months I got my first interview and having been trained perfectly for any interview by Yalda I landed on a great job fully related to my expertise. Mozhi consulting paves the way towards getting a contract for Qualified newcomers who don’t know how to introduce themselves to Danish employers.

Mehrnoosh Zonoozi – Marketer at Union Medico ApS
Mozhi Consulting’s sevices was the great help for me when I came to Denmark as a job seeker on September 2015.

Mozhi helped me to get familiar to danish work culture and became ready to join the danish company. thanks for Mozhgan, after 4 months, I found a job related to my expertises in Danish company.

Mozhgan herself is a kind and caring woman who help me beyond the terms in the contract. I am happy to find her and make contract with her.

Mohammad Ahanchian-Postdoctoral Fellow, Energy System Analysis and Modeling at Technical University of Denmark
Mozhgan is a great coach assisting to find your dream job. She has a supportive characteristic, always full of energy and she believes in her profession.

One of the most important commodities she has in her hand is the ability to understand psychological aspects of different people which allows her to determine the right place of individual candidates in the targeting labor market. Vast majority of her clients with various qualification, background and culture have interesting success stories with her.

Therefore, I strongly recommend her program @ Mozhi Consulting, and the qualified staff Mozhgan Gerayeli, Yalda Tabesh. No matter who you are they know how to treat you.

Mehrnoosh Zonoozi, International Junior Brand Manager at Scandinavian Tobacco Group
I have known Yalda since September 2015. she is committed, energetic coach with big kind heart.

She was always there for me and supported me professionally and personally. I never forget those late nights in office that she coached me to be prepared for my interviews. I strongly recommend her for her hardworking and positive mind.

Ved Parkash, Research and Formulation Scientist at Novo Nordisk
I know Mozhgan since last more than two years as a mentor and coach. I am feeling myself pleased in writing this recommendation for you. Your coaching and mentor-ship helped me in getting my first challenge in Denmark as an Associate Scientist at Novonordisk.

Your coaching helped me in getting integrated into Danish work culture step by step. Your coaching style is a reflection of your managerial experience with an open and clear vision that what an employer looking into his/her potential candidate.

Here, what I am writing for you is only a fraction of your personality and how kind and good you are as a person. Thanks for being my mentor and helping me in making my dreams true.

Pedram Massoudi, Civil Engineer and Energy Engineer
I knew Yalda since August 2016. She is the professional person with a big heart, she does not hesitate to help because she knew that : “one is all and all for one”.
Yalda helped me in the periods I looked for a new job, she helped me to prepare for all those stressful steps and made me strong to be on front of others.

Dear Yalda you and Mozhgan side by side me made my job dream in true, Thank you and I wish you all the best in your future, we keep in touch.

Mehri Noorali, Commercial Product Manager at AAK
I feel so lucky to meet Mozhgan several months before. Being a determined supportive mentor, she helped me to make narrow my willing and focus on what was matter at that time span.

The way she helped me to find my way in new society was through giving beneficial feedback to know myself, getting an understanding of my drawbacks, the way of improving them and more than that empowering me to focus on my achievements and keep them always in my mind to fulfill my “I can” spirit. Moreover, the friendly environment of her consulting office along with energetic staff and other motivated clients had made a perfect atmosphere to follow our goals.

I really appreciate and wish her the best.

Sreejith CK, Electronic Engineer, 3Shape
I joined with Mozhi consulting on February 2016 and Mozhgan is my coach and mentor from then. Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude. Her support, help, her approach, it is simply awesome.

I am very thankful to her for all the support she gave me during this time. She really have powerful mind and personality that brings her in Limelight everywhere. She is really dedicated, trust worthy and responsible for all the activities she do. The way she motivated me during this period is the only reason for my success in Denmark, she really helped me during the tough time by giving coaching & mindfulness.

I always remember Mozhgan’s words ” Remember all your achievements in Life” , I am adding one more in the list, ” You are one of the greatest achievement in My Life”. Thank you so much and I wish you all the Best !

Mehdi Narimani, Civilingeniør, Beumer Gruppen
Mozhgan helped me a lot as a mentor in job searching. I had been searching for an engineering job in Denmark for almost one year before I joined Mozhi consulting.

She helped me to write professional CV and application letters acceptable in Danish culture. after 3 months I got my first interview and with the perfect mentorship and interview trainings I received at Mozhi consulting I landed on a great job fully related to my expertise.

Mozhi consulting paves the way for Qualified newcomers who are not familiar with Danish culture.

Noushin Shafagh
I know Yalda as a very energitic and motivating coach that is very interested in her job. She has very good familiarity with business consultation, human resource and personal management. I can easily recommend her as a strong and professional and member of your team.

Sreejith CK, Electronic Engineer – Scanner Development at 3Shape
Writing a recommendation for Yalda is a really challenging task for me. I joined with Mozhi consulting on February 2016 & Yalda was my coach, mentor and trainer from then. She is focusing on Interview training for the candidates. They way she guided & trained me to present myself in an interview opened my career in Denmark. She is a great observer and she can find very minor things in us and can fine tune it in a positive way.

Whatever improvements I had after joining with Mozhi consulting is her achievement, and that ended up in a successful career opening for me. One of her quality that I can highlight is her ability to communicate & convince other people exactly what needed, this is the reason for the success of many candidates in their program and also Mozhi consulting’s new project By People For people. She is dedicated, sincere and responsible on whatever task she do. Besides all these, she is a very good friend with a kind heart. She is an asset for everyone in her network.

You are the main reason for all the achievements I had in Denmark, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and I wish you all the best.

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